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And all anybody under 25 years old wants to know is: what’s an “Emergency Alert System?”

February 12, 2013

Zombie apocalypse? Fft. We see that on TV every week. What’s this “Emergency Alert System,” and why is it interrupting my program?

If you watch that, by the way, have the sound turned on. They don’t actually interrupt the program anymore, like when we were kids (wasn’t that fun?). They just take over the sound and scroll across the top.

Oh, right, the story:

KRTV in Montana is investigating how an apparent hacker commandeered its Emergency Alert System on Monday and informed viewers that a zombie apocalypse was underway.

“Dead bodies are rising from their graves,” a voice calmly stated during the station’s broadcast of the “Steve Wilkos Show.”

Fortunately for residents of north central Montana, the bogus alert did not prove prophetic.


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