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Yes, I know, we’re all having a good laugh at Denver’s expense, but hey: car-attacking bunnies are no joke.

February 16, 2013

Snort. You don’t think I wrote that headline with a straight face, do you?

Bunnies attacking cars at the Denver International Airport has made headlines due to the nature of what’s causing the unique problem, News10 reports Feb. 15.

Say the jingle! Say the jingle!

Apparently rabbits are lured by the warmth provided under car hoods and wind up chewing on the insulator portion of ignition cables. The damage has become increasingly common at the airport with bunnies attacking cars that travelers park. Fur and small pellets are evidence that rabbits are the culprit.

AttackbunnyI say again: snort. And if you still don’t think it’s funny:

In order to reduce the number of bunny attacks on the cars, more fencing will be installed to make it harder for the animals to burrow under. Additionally, more hawk and eagle perches will be made around the airport…

So watch your kids, people. And:

Fox and coyote urine have proven to also be a great method in keeping the bunnies from attacking cars. In fact, travelers have been given the substance by local merchants to coat the wires of their vehicles with.

The wires, people. Just the wires.

Of course – and you knew this was coming, so don’t blame me – if they were really serious about keeping the bunnies away:

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