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This post doesn’t – repeat: does not – count as 2016 presidential speculation

February 20, 2013

Because I’m sworn off of that, at least until 2015. So I’m just calling this a “you know a man by his enemies” sort of post:

automotivator_perryGovernor Rick Perry took a lot of ridicule for his efforts to lure California’s tax-strangled businesses to his home state of Texas. If that’s so ridiculous, how come it’s his leftist critics showing all the hysteria?

Perry’s state is an undisputed economic success story and has been a magnet for businesses from all over the U.S. for several years now.

Just trying to keep up with Wisconsin.

With no income tax, a legislature that balances its budget and a bureaucracy that seems conditioned to ask businesses “How can I help you?”, Texas’ biggest problem these days is finding enough office space to accommodate all the newcomers.

For that reason, it was grimly fascinating to see Perry visit California — which has just got done hiking taxes from 10.3% to 13.3% on top earners — attracting interest from more than 200 firms, which seem to be raring for what a Forbes columnist called a “reverse gold rush.”

The story unfortunately doesn’t link to any Lefty “ridicule” of Perry. If I was a Perry adviser, though, I’d sure be keeping copies. Because it’d be fun to compare that ridicule to economic numbers, come 2015 or so.

And Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan are still too young to be president.

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