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Please try not to fall asleep while reading the proceeding blog post, which I know isn’t exactly the best way to promote reading of a blog post, but…

February 23, 2013

well, you’ll see:

Legislative sessions can be dull and boring, but Oregon lawmakers Wednesday moved to commemorate the humdrum — even if no one is quite sure how.

Based on their mundane names, the rural communities of Dull, Scotland, and Boring, Oregon, formed an international partnership last year to build cultural and commercial connections. And Oregon House lawmakers took that a step further with a vote to make Aug. 9 Boring and Dull Day in the state, putting the name of the U.S. town first despite mild objections from their European counterparts.

The plan, which now heads to the state Senate, is intended to boost tourism, and the date this summer marks one year from the day the towns were officially dubbed a “pair for the ages.”

Yawn. But on the other hand, look:

boring oregon

How boring could it be? They’ve got digital karaoke!

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