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When I saw this headline, I assumed it was about some bunch of “End the Fed” libertarians.

January 7, 2014

The headline:

Senate confirms Yellen at Fed

Well, sure, Rand Paul is always yellin’ at the Fed, isn’t he?

But it turns out that’s somebody’s name:

The Senate on Monday voted 56-26 to confirm Janet Yellen as the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve.

Eleven Republicans joined Democrats present on Monday in voting to confirm Yellen, who will face more scrutiny than perhaps any central bank leader before her when she formally takes the reins this month from the retiring Ben Bernanke.

automotivator_yellen at the fed

Dear God, they got Grandma. Seriously, that’s the only picture I found of her that didn’t make me smell fresh baked cookies.* She looks like a kinder version of Betty White.

How’d you like to be the Senator tasked with browbeating this nominee with tough questions? Because I know I wouldn’t.

*Any sexism inferred from the statements on this blog regarding Ms. Yellen’s appearance is entirely the reader’s own fault for inferring it in the first place. Be ashamed.

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